Saturday, December 6, 2014

Free Monthly Programming for Four Months

Do you want to improve your strength and conditioning to a very large degree?

Are you highly focused, disciplined, and motivated?

Do you want to work towards becoming the ELITE version of yourself?

If so, then I want to train you FREE for four months. You need not pay anything.

However, I’m doing this for one and only one person. If you’re interested, you must apply and I will select the best overall candidate.

If I select you, you will get four free months of the basic monthly programming package (normally $75 per month), which includes the following:

  • Individualized, systematic, progressive workouts for each month

  • Detailed notes and pictures on the exercises in the workouts

  • Email support, motivation, and accountability

  • The NO-MIND FITNESS Self-Mastery Guide ($20 value)

  • The NO-MIND FITNESS Static Stretching Routine ($20 value). You should do this stretching routine after your workouts or at least once a week.

  • If you live in or near Chicago, IL, I will train you in person once per month, at no additional cost. Each additional training session is $40 (normally $75).

Overall, you are saving $300 in terms of the monthly programming and $35 in terms of each additional training session. This is a great deal.

In exchange for my services, you must agree to the following conditions:

  • You must be willing to fundamentally change some of your habits and work towards self-mastery.

  • You must complete all four months of training. You are not allowed to quit. Quitting is not even an option.

  • You must complete virtually all the workouts that I program. If you miss a few workouts for good reasons over the course of four months, then it’s okay. But if you miss too many workouts (e.g. 1-2 workouts per week), then the deal is off. If you honestly think you will miss many workouts, please do not apply.

  • Every month, you must send me full-body photos, which I will likely post on the website. If you’re a male, you must be shirtless in the photos. If you’re a female, you must wear fitted clothes.

  • You must write a testimonial after the second month and then update it after the fourth month.

  • If you decide to continue training with me after four months, then you must pay the current rate for monthly programming ($75 per month) and the current rate for additional training sessions ($75 per session).

I will be accepting applications through December 31, 2014. By January 3, 2015, I will select the best overall candidate, and training will begin immediately thereafter.

If you’re seriously interested, please email me at colin.brown[at]nomindfitness[dot]com. I will send you the application.

Additional Notes:

1. Anyone can apply, regardless of fitness level. I will select the most motivated applicant, not necessarily the fittest one.

2. This deal is only for new, prospective trainees. If you’re a current or former trainee, you cannot apply for this deal.

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