Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Self-Mastery Guide

I am now selling the NO-MIND FITNESS Self-Mastery Guide.

It is a motivational guide that provides an entire framework for self-mastery and high-level performance in all areas of your life.

If you read this e-book, take it absolutely seriously, and rigorously apply its principles to your life on a daily/hourly/minute-by-minute basis, then you will succeed in anything you do or at least maximize your chances of success.

In short, the e-book can light a huge fire under you, and help you realize that the term “overachiever” is utter nonsense.

However, it all depends on the extent to which you successfully apply these principles. Talk is cheap. Action or application is everything.

Here are excerpts from the e-book: Hypothetical Scenarios and The Dark Knight Rises Hypothetical Scenario.

The e-book is 63 pages, 11-point font, and single-spaced.

Price: $50

I will donate 25% of the revenue from this e-book to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

The e-book comes with a 30-day refund policy. If you’re not satisfied with the e-book, please email me and I will issue you a refund.

Once you purchase the e-book, I will email you the .pdf file and password within 24-36 hours.



“I recommend working with Colin to everyone I come across who is seriously interested in improving themselves. Yes, Colin principally focuses on helping his trainees achieve their fitness goals. But my work with him has yielded much, much more. Aside from flying through strength plateaus in the gym, Colin’s consistent encouragement, the example that he sets, and the supplemental materials (see his Self-Mastery Guide) he regularly sends his trainees, have inspired me to make significant and meaningful changes to many of my habits and attitudes. I am not the same person I was before we started working together, and I expect to become stronger and more resilient in every respect as we continue working together.

“Read Colin’s blog to get an idea of the kind of changes working with him will inevitably foster in your life. Better yet, here is an example of how he has helped me. I quit a job in December 2013. I wanted to pursue a new line of work and expected to find a new job quickly, but was frustrated by several late-round interview rejections. It was at about this time that Colin released his Self-Mastery Guide. After reading it, I picked up my head and calmly and diligently drove forward. Within a few weeks of what could have been devastating setbacks, I garnered two offers, both from excellent companies in a city I’ve wanted to move to for years, Boston. Without the guidance his work gave me, I likely would not be in the position I am today, preparing to start a new and exciting chapter in my life…”

-- Giancarlo

"The NO-MIND FITNESS Self-Mastery Guide is the vodka-shot of self-improvement books: it is harsh, clear, and distilled. It is not a meal replacement: Colin describes concepts only as much as is necessary for the reader and offers citations to source documents so that you can further explore the concepts. My favorite part of the book is when Colin clarifies how we can become our best selves. He not only describes what it means to be your best self, but also lists specific actions that you can take to become your best self.”

-- Lew

“Colin is an excellent motivator. His Self-Mastery Guide inspires and provokes, and it compels one to reconsider one's thoughts and actions. However, it's only the crib notes. Colin can't master your self for you, but through studying the guide and working with him, you will get the direction you need to make substantial progress towards becoming your ideal self, which is ultimately up to you. The guide is a good outline, and the fitness programming provides you with a training-ground to start applying some of the lessons in a controlled environment. Physical challenges are only the beginning.”

-- Gerald

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