Monthly Programming


I offer monthly programming, which includes the following:

  • Individualized, systematic, progressive workouts for the month

  • Detailed notes and pictures on the exercises in the workouts

  • Email support, motivation, and accountability

  • The NO-MIND FITNESS Self-Mastery Guide ($50 value)

  • The NO-MIND FITNESS Static Stretching Routine ($50 value). You should do this stretching routine after your workouts or at least once a week.

  • The Optimal Recovery Routine

  • Paleo or Primal meal examples

  • If you live in or near Chicago, IL, I will train you in person (or via Zoom or Skype) once per month, at no additional cost. Each additional training session is $75.

  • If you live outside of Chicago, IL, I will train you via Zoom or Skype once per month, at no additional cost. Each additional training session is $75.

  • Whether I train you in person or via Zoom or Skype, if you want to do 4+ training sessions per month, I can give you a significant discount per training session.

Overall, I emphasize strength, performance, and functional fitness.

If you primarily care about aesthetics, then you should understand that aesthetics follow from functionality and performance. If you want to look good (e.g. like many Olympic athletes), then train like an athlete and perform functional movements.

I am well-versed in different training methods: the NASM Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model, CrossFit, SEALFIT, Military Athlete, Starting Strength, etc.

I will motivate and push you. I want my trainees to achieve a high level of fitness and strength. If you’re willing to work hard, follow my programming, and do at least 90% of what I say, you will get killer results over time.



“I recommend working with Colin to everyone I come across who is seriously interested in improving themselves. Yes, Colin principally focuses on helping his trainees achieve their fitness goals. But my work with him has yielded much, much more. Aside from flying through strength plateaus in the gym, Colin’s consistent encouragement, the example that he sets, and the supplemental materials (see his Self-Mastery Guide) he regularly sends his trainees, have inspired me to make significant and meaningful changes to many of my habits and attitudes. I am not the same person I was before we started working together, and I expect to become stronger and more resilient in every respect as we continue working together.” -- Giancarlo

“For the record, I also believe your programming is more effective than what I'd receive at a gym like Equinox or even at many CrossFit gyms. I've talked with multiple CrossFit gym owners over the last year about programming and in the end always concluded your programming was superior.” -- Giancarlo

“The results have surpassed anything that I thought possible. I'm stronger, faster, more muscular, and more energetic. After only 6 weeks of working with Colin, my body has more muscle definition at rest than it previously had when flexed. And what's especially novel for me is that I'm seeing results everywhere. My arms, chest, abs, and legs are all harder and stronger, and I've cut my one-mile run time from 6:57 to 6:18." -- Gerald

“Almost every week, I feel like I reach a higher level of fitness and set a new personal record. I'm in the best shape of my life." -- Gerald

“My body is tighter, I feel fitter, and my wife thinks I’m sexy. All is well… in large part thanks to Colin!” -- Adam

“I began a dedicated training program with Colin in January 2013 and since that time I’ve seen gains in almost every aspect of my fitness and physique. Namely, I’m stronger, faster, more muscular and defined, fit into and look better in all my clothes, and critically, I’m now proud of my body.” -- Erin

“His workouts are challenging and are very well structured. I have looked, felt, and performed better over the last 60 days as a result of his expertise.” -- Justin

“Colin is a fantastic trainer. He can really push you to get every ounce of effort out of you.” -- Phil


“Why should I pay at least $100 per month for NMF programming?”

This is not Walmart Fitness or Cut-rate Fitness. This is NO-MIND FITNESS. We seek to improve ourselves in a hardcore, rigorous manner, and we pursue the highest levels of self-mastery.

Paying $100+ per month for NMF programming is a great deal considering how much value you get if you squeeze every last drop out of the programming: strength and conditioning results, health results, aesthetic results, motivational/attitude results, etc.

Many people, especially celebrities, spend or would spend much more than $100 per month to get the overall results that you can get with NMF programming.

Please see the table below. This assumes you hire a personal trainer in a gym and do 12 training sessions per month (three sessions per week) with him or her.

Training sessions per month Price per session Price per month
12 $50 $600
12 $75 $900
12 $100 $1,200
12 $125 $1,500
12 $150 $1,800
12 $175 $2,100
12 $200 $2,400

So doing 12 sessions per month with a conventional personal trainer costs $600-2400 per month.

In comparison, the basic NMF programming package costs only $100 per month. In general, I program 12 resistance workouts per month (three per week) for you.

Furthermore, in the medium- and long-term, you will likely get superior results from my programming than you would with most personal trainers.

Finally, almost all my long-term trainees have gotten significant promotions, new jobs, salary increases, or business success.

I do not guarantee these professional or financial outcomes but if you take NMF programming very seriously, you may very well achieve these outcomes.

For further justification, please read this post.



Price for the basic programming package (which includes one monthly training session at no additional cost):

$100 per month (monthly subscription via PayPal)

At any time, you can cancel your subscription in PayPal.

Please note that there are no refunds for monthly programming, whether you pay monthly or pay upfront for multiple months.

If you have questions, please see the FAQ. If you still have questions, please contact me at colin.brown[at]nomindfitness[dot]com.

Last revised 2/5/2021