Monday, November 11, 2013

The Elite Version of Yourself

At the gym, many people do not return their weights or equipment to the proper place.

This is a matter of degrees: putting away your weights 90% of the time is much better than doing it 10% of the time. Leaving out only a mat is much better than leaving out a mat, a stability ball, three pairs of dumbbells, a kettlebell, and a 315lb barbell.

To the extent that you do not return your weights or equipment, you convey the following attitude: “I don’t care if I make a mess. Someone else will clean it up. It’s not my responsibility.”

This is the same attitude conveyed by those who leave trash on the sidewalk, the street, or someone else’s front lawn.

This attitude is utterly mediocre.

Take responsibility for your actions. Clean up your own mess. Do not expect others to do so.

Consider it self-improvement. Imagine the ELITE version of yourself: the version of yourself that is highly focused, disciplined, motivated, decisive, consistent in action, and positive in terms of self-talk. Further, suppose this elite version of yourself is achieving 100% maximum performance in all areas of your life.

Would that person return his or her equipment to the proper place? Yes. Then do so.

Would that person work out (i.e. do resistance training and cardio) consistently? Yes. Then do so.

Would that person meditate daily or at least weekly? Yes. Then do so.

Would that person eat healthily: meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, brown rice, sweet potatoes, etc.? Yes. Then do so.

Would that person eat or drink junk: soda, candy, cookies, twinkies, brownies, fast food, etc.? No. Then quit doing so.

Would that person drink alcohol excessively, smoke, do illicit drugs, gamble, etc.? No. Then quit doing so.

We can state this principle more generally. If X is a given habit, would the elite version of yourself do X? If so, then do X. If not, then do not do X.

In short, work towards becoming the elite version of yourself. Develop self-mastery.

At the very least, please return your equipment to the proper place.

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